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Business coaching that brings out the best in you and your business.

Business coaching is ideal for business owners that are hungry to grow, are tired of juggling multiple roles, or are struggling to identify and resolve pain points within the business.

Acting as a business partner and hybrid coach-mentor, I work with you to overcome challenges, make strategic decisions, and improve business operations. Beyond this, my goal is to increase how well your business functions and support you in becoming a confident, strategic, and effective leader.

Business coaching helps you:

Increase lead generation

Improve conversion rates

Implement stronger sales techniques

Connect with external experts

Identify problem areas within the team and business

Improve business operations

Scale the business

Manage workflow

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is business coaching viable for experienced business owners?

    Yes! You are the expert in your business. As a business coach, I am not here to teach you about your business. Instead, my role is to teach you how you can run your business more effectively.

    Business coaching is suitable for businesses of all sizes and ages. Every business, from pre-development stage start-ups to long-established multi-million dollar enterprises, can benefit from an outside perspective and fresh ideas.

    How does business coaching work?

    I begin with a 30 Day diagnostic. During this period, I investigate and analyse:

    • How your team communicates and works together
    • Your leadership style
    • How leads are generated and converted
    • Operation management
    • How resources are distributed and used
    • Your profit and loss statement

    Plus much more.

    The diagnostic includes four one-to-one Zoom coaching sessions and a results presentation at the end of the diagnostic. The results presentation includes a SWOT analysis and details a strategy for how you can achieve your goals for the business. It is at the conclusion of this presentation that we will determine if we (you and I) are a match for ongoing coaching.

    What areas of the business do you assist with?

    The majority of my focus typically falls on the following areas:

    • Sales and business development
    • Business planning
    • Customer service and client retention
    • Coaching for navigating difficult conversations with clients, suppliers, and staff (including letting staff go)
    • Self-leadership, including communication skills, time management and self-discipline
    • Behavioural Profiling for recruitment and communication in the workplace
    • Bringing out the best in your team and improving performance

    However, I focus on all aspects of the business during the 30 Day Diagnostic.

    What if business coaching isn’t right for me after the 30 Day Diagnostic?

    The purpose of the diagnostic, aside from allowing me to analyse your business, is to enable you to experience the coaching process and see if it feels right to you. Of course, coaching isn’t for everyone, but I’ve taken on many clients who have never experienced coaching before and they love it.

    Is business coaching expensive?

    Business coaching can be expensive if you don’t receive value or get a positive result. That’s why I work on a dual payment system that is part Pay on Results and part Paid on Retainer.

    Pay on Results means that I only receive the full payment when you achieve your financial outcomes.

    Do you focus on any particular industries?

    The problems that business coaching resolves are not unique to any industry. As such, I work across all industries!

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